TriPollar DESIRE Facial Renewal & Rejuvenation Device

TriPollar DESIRE Facial Renewal & Rejuvenation Device
Kategoriat: Elektroniikka, Radio
Brand: TriPollar
360.95 EUR 450.95 EUR

Experience professional aesthetic anti-ageing results safely in the comfort of your own home with TriPollar’s DESIRE Facial Renewal and Rejuvenation Device. Building on the innovative TriPollar Multi-RF technology of its predecessors, the device offers an additional turbo function, contributing to a faster and more effective Multi-RF treatment. A Thermal Mapping Algorithm samples the skin temperature to ensure safe, precise and intuitive heating. Turbo-RF technology utilises fast, interchanging Radio Frequency waves to distribute heat into the dermis layer, supporting collagen production and the fortifying of elastin fibres. The anti-ageing device works to reduce the intensity of wrinkles while tightening and firming the appearance of the skin, promoting a youthful-looking complexion with both instant visual results and lasting natural outcomes.