Musway M4+ 4-kanavainen vahvistin DSP:llä

Musway M4+ 4-kanavainen vahvistin DSP:llä
Kategoriat: Elektroniikka, Radio
Brand: Musway
549 EUR

4-kanavainen alkuperäisjärjestelmään liitettävä DSP vahvistin huikeilla ominaisuuksilla. D-luokan vahvistimet ovat erittäin korkealuokkaisia DSP:lla varustettuja Plug&Play laitteita alkuperäisjärjestelmiin. Laite kytketään suoraan auton ISO-liittimeen josta se ottaa ja antaa eteenpäin kaiken tarvittavan informaation virtoja myöden. Asennus on siis erittäin yksinkertainen toteuttaa. Kysy myynnistämme merkkikohtaisia valmiita johtopaketteja! Jos vahvistimella ajetaan myös erillistä subwooferia, tulee paremman virransaannin takia vahvistin johdottaa suoraan akkuun. The new M4 + DSP amplifier can be considered as the little brother of the M6V2 model, coming up with the same DSP technology and features. The only difference: The M4 + is coming with four amplified speakers, but still offering more power per channel than the larger M6V2. Both models also share the very compact dimensions, which could be achieved thanks to its cleverly designed 4-way cladded circuit-board. The newly engineered Class D technology is particularly immune to EMC interference, which is virtually indispensable in today‘s electronic-packed vehicles. A key-premise to enjoy interference-free music while driving. With four bridged power outputs, each one providing 135 watts RMS per channel (2 Ω), the M4 + offers remarkable output power with a total of 540 watts RMS. As in the M6V2, the high-end DSP from Texas Instruments™, which can be set via software and APP, represents the core of the amplifier. With the included wiring harness, ISO plug and optional Plug + Play harnesses, the M4 + is perfect for tuning original 4-channel sound systems. Four additional DSP-tunable preamp outputs allow the integration of further amplifiers. Finally, the new M4+ amp also provides a high-level input with error protection system for trouble-free connection to OEM factory radios. • Intelligent High Level Input (Error Protection System) • Start-Stop ready, Auto Turn-On • Soft-Clipping (power attenuation) in 2 Ohm operation • Signal-to-noise Ratio ≥90dB • Frequency Response 15 Hz – 22 kHz (-3dB) • THD ≤0,1% (1 kHz, 4Ω, 90% Power) • Separately controllable input sensitivity (Channel 1-6, AUX), Clipping LEDs • Dual 32bit, 330 MIPS DSP technology controllable via PC software or APP • Plug+Play with vehicle-specific cable sets • External Bluetooth® USB-Dongles (BTS & BTA) for Audio Streaming/APP (optional) • Digital remote control (DRC1) with OLED display for controlling various DSP functions (optional) • QUICK CONNECT Terminal to connect all DBX 2 + 2 Ohms Subwoofer-System Mallikohtaiset johtosarjat tästä. 4-Kanavainen D-luokan vahvistin 8-kanavaisella DSP:llä · 540 WATTS RMS 4 x 100/135 Watts RMS @ 4/2 Ω or 2 x 270 Watts RMS @ 4 Ω bridged 6 x High Level Inputs 6 x RCA RCA Low Level Inputs* 2 x AUX/RCA Inputs, 1 x Optical Input/Stereo 4 x Loudspeaker Outputs amplified 4 x Pre-Amplifier Outputs/RCA (configurable via DSP) Dimensions in mm: 200/220 (L) x 150 (W) x 44 (H) * only with optional MPK-RCA6/MPK-RCA6-PP cable set Latauslinkki DSP ohjelmalle. DSP app ladattavissa sovelluskaupasta