BenQ WDP02 langaton Full HD Kit

BenQ WDP02 langaton Full HD Kit
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Brand: BenQ
299 EUR

Langaton Full HD Kit WDP02 BenQ 1080p projektoreihin. Next-Generation Wireless Full HD Kit Designed to Give You More Freedom and Less Hassle BenQ?s next-generation Wireless Full HD Kit frees you from wiring difficulties, placement hassles, and additional remodeling costs. Available as optional accessory, this powerful kit enables the projector to stream uncompressed, stunning Full HD 1080p content wirelessly. And the latest WDP02 model is enhanced with integrated design and functionality for a sleek, custom experience. So you can kick back, relax and enjoy your favorite movies and games! Tailored Design | Simple Custom Setup The WDP02 receiver is designed to plug into the W2000 and HT3050 projectors seamlessly, fitting snugly into a stealth compartment with its own HDMI and USB ports, purpose-built into the W2000 and HT3050 for a clean look and convenient setup. (* For all other compatible projector models, the WDP02 receiver mounts externally via a custom interface on the bottom of the projector. For these setups, WDP02 sports a brand-new premium designer look.) Unified Experience | Single-Remote Operation Owners of W2000 projectors with WDP02 can switch between four source devices, check wireless signal and channel status, and choose wireless sources via On-Screen Display (OSD) without a separate remote control. OSD control of both devices are integrated into one interface accessible by W2000?s remote. (Note: Requires W2000 firmware upgrade. Please contact your local BenQ customer service.) Expanded Options | Multiple Device Support WDP02 now comes with 4 HDMI inputs so you can hook up all of your favorite Full HD 1080p sources with HDMI output, ranging from set-top boxes and receivers, Blu-ray players, game consoles, PCs, tablets and smart devices. Absolute Convenience | One-Time Setup Only a few steps are required to set up the kit for plug-and-play convenience once and for all. When everything is connected, the transmitter and the receiver automatically pair with the projector the first time you power them on ? and reconnect with the projector every time afterwards. Eliminating any cable trouble, the custom receiver can be easily charged by the projector instead of taking up another power outlet. It just doesn?t get easier than this. Unparalleled Transmission | Smooth Cross-Room Streaming WDP02 comes with streaming coverage of up to 30 meters (100 feet) with line-of-sight and four built-in antennas to ensure the best streaming quality through cabinet doors and from one room to the next. The wireless kit also delivers latency-free performance ideal for playing fast-action and motion-sensing games. Get ready for high-quality audiovisual enjoyment and the smoothest gaming experience in the living room or your bedroom. (*Transmission distance depends on actual environment. Stated distance is based on line-of-sight measurement. Structures constructed of steel, wood, concrete, or brick may decrease transmission distance.) Zero Interference | DFS Anti-Interference Performance With Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) to automatically switch between channels when encountering signal interference, incredibly stable Full-HD streaming quality is all you?ll get. Yhteensopivat tuotteet: Nykyiset mallit (2015-): W3000?W2000(w)?W1110(s)? HT4050? HT3050? HT2050? TH683?TH670(s)? MH684?MH741?CH100 Vanhat mallit (before 2015): W1350?W1070(+)?W1080ST(+)?HT1075?HT1085ST? TH681(+)?TH682ST? SH915